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    March 5th, 2013adminTechnics 1200/10


    Again, I could not have a blog called 12inchsingles.com without featuring a post on the most iconic turntable of our era, and the first piece of Hi-Fi equipment that got dragged into DJ culture without ever intending to. The term “they don’t build them like they used to” was really coined to describe this extraordinary piece of engineering by Panasonic. In any case, after 20 or 30 years of solid use even the best of anything should really get treated to some TLC. For any of my friends in Melbourne town that own an old pair of Technics 1200/10s (and that’s quite a few of you)  and are looking to having them serviced, repaired or even modified, I have linked to my good friend Greg “ASIO” Peppas’s Facebook page below. He does great work, has got shitloads of original parts and if like me your decks have served you for a long time without missing a beat, best you give them some good ol’ TLC since you can’t even buy a new pair any longer.  If your little tracking light is out, you want to get rid of that pesky ground wire once and for all, new heavy duty RCAs or recalibrate the pitch, give Greg a call. At the very least “like” his page so if you ever need him he’s only a click away!!

    If you find this post from another part of the world and know of another good Technics 1200 Dr. , please add them in the comments below.

    Technics Sl1200/1210 Service & Mods – Melbourne.

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