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    March 5th, 2013adminChicane

    Liger lover and all round top bloke Luke Chable has been hiding this one from us for only about 11 years now…cheers mate!!

    Anyway better late than never and since prog breaks are a bit light on the ground these days here is a little revamp of the classic “Offshore” by Chicane he did in 2002 and it still sounds rather good. The original was released in 1996 on this EP which is still one of my prized records (which I had to give my original copy to Ashley Beedle way back but that’s another post) and if you are really nice I may even upload the full 12″ at some point. This EP was by Chicane  which at that point in time was 2 guys, Nick Bracegirdle and Leo Elstob. The record books won’t tell you this but I will coz i know stuff. Leo departed the duo not long after this and all I’m going to say and to put it in the nicest possible way, I never played another “Chicane” record ever again….Bryan Adams??? Really???

    Lukey boy has been nice enough to gift us a nice WAV here…Respect to all Liger lovers!!

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