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    March 5th, 2013adminPseudo Echo


    This is a repost from another favourite music blog of mine called Eightys Vinyl and the first of many that will feature a download in it’s original form that has been ripped from a long deleted 12″ single.

    I was completely obsessed with Pseudo Echo back in the day. What was not to love…cool clothes and hairstyles, makeup , SYNTHESiZERS and electronic drum kits. What more could a growing boy need in a band? This was one of their first singles from the seminal Autumnal Park  album which everyone should have a listen to. I don’t think enough credit  has been given to these guys as I truly believe they were pioneers of electronic music in Australia and a bigger deal should be made of it. A “rock n roll” hall of fame exists and if there was one for Electronic music in Australia, I vote for these guys to be in it!!

    Admittedly, it did go a little wrong for these poor lads with the likes of “Funky Town” a few years later, but after speaking with Brian Canham about this (that is another blog post i promise) its easy to see how a record company trying to keep up with the Bon Jovi’s of this world could try turning a Synth group into a Big Hair Rock n roll band.

    More details on this release are posted in the link below….download link is where is says “listen”


    Pseudo Echo ‎– A Beat For You (1984) .

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    March 4th, 2013adminNew Order

    For a blog titled 12inchsingles.com, it would be out of order (pun intended) not to feature the biggest selling 12″ single of all time. Blue Monday by New Order (1983) introduced for the first time to many people the concept that synthesizers,drum machines and Indie music could live happily together and that a Top 40 record did not have to fit into a 3 minute soundbite. In its day it sounded like a transmission from a machine music future and with hindsight we can see now how much this track has affected music trends in the last 30 years. At nearly 7.30 secs, “Blue Monday” is one of the longest tracks ever to chart in the UK and never released as a 7″ single this had a lot to do with it becoming the biggest selling 12″ of all time. Featured here as a re-edit that has been done extremely tastefully by Lee Combs. Adding an 808 laden Electro-fied intro this mix has just enough spice added to add a little sparkle to a gorgeous gem. Presented here as a 320k mp3 for your listening pleasure.


    As a little bonus, here is the launch of the Pioneer CDJ2000 NEXUS in Melbourne featuring the vocal from Blue Monday mashed with about 8 different genres in as many minutes.



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