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    February 15th, 2013adminHorse

    This is a repost from one of my favourite music blogs Methods Of Dance and the first of many posts which will feature the full CD maxi single or 12″ release of a track in a High Quality encoded digital format. These posts are for my friends and people like myself who own the original item on vinyl and simply don’t have the time to re encode the track and all the mixes to a digital format. If you don’t own the single GO OUT AND BUY IT!!!

    So without any further ado, here is one of those tracks which if you were on any kind of proper dance floor in the nineties you couldn’t have avoided. A track which was originally released in 1990 then remixed in 1992 by Sasha, then released again and achieved Number 44 on the UK Pop Charts with this release. With mixes from the Brothers in Rhythm and new mixes by Sasha and including just about every mix ever made of this tune, this could not have failed as a dance floor release in those days. My favourite mix right now is James Wiltshires Ambient mix which has weathered the test of time quite well. The Brothers In Rhythm Soundtrack Club Mix brings back some epic memories. If you would like a 320k digital copy of this to compliment your vinyl 12″ then click here. Link is in the comments on that blog with a password for the file next to the link

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