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  • scissors
    March 5th, 2013adminHall & Oates

    So as you’ve probably gathered by now, i really love music. Hall & Oates were top of my list when i was little and this track in particular was probably my favourite. It’s very rare that you get a non commissioned mix that can surpass the original by using all the original parts, and in this case, and I dont know how, this mix was actually reconstructed from the original multi track. Sonically and structurally its amazing and clocks in at 8 minutes +. Put together by our dear departed mate Bob Walker this one is going up to keep his memory alive. Here’s the description from his Soundcloud page written by none other than Philvester:

    “FNQ’s Bob Walker left no stone unturned when he took on this remix. Working from multi-track, Bob carefully rearranged the entire production, shifting the tempo down to 111 BPM and bringing all the best parts of the track up in the mix. Arranged in Logic – a major amount of reconstruction of the arrangement took place with a hint of additional production that does this classic justice. Bob left us on December 3 2012 after putting up a very brave fight against Cancer. I spent a quality week with him in hospital before he passed and his dying wish was to hear this classic remastered. He got his wish – thanks to Melbourne’s mastering guru – Tony ‘Jack the Bear’ Mantz. RIP Bobby – this one’s up, as you wanted.”

    If you’re ever gonna play this tune out….This IS the definitive mix…320k mp3 for you kids!!

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  • scissors
    February 11th, 2013adminKate Bush

    Quite a few edits of this classic 1985 Kate Bush bomb floating about, but I have to admit this effort by Amine Edge seems to be one of the best sounding and contemporary with a great groove accompanying the original quite nicely. Thanks to Mr. Edge for making this available for free download as a 320k MP3 and dont forget to check some of his originals, as he makes some very nice house tunes!!

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