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    March 5th, 2013adminPseudo Echo


    This is a repost from another favourite music blog of mine called Eightys Vinyl and the first of many that will feature a download in it’s original form that has been ripped from a long deleted 12″ single.

    I was completely obsessed with Pseudo Echo back in the day. What was not to love…cool clothes and hairstyles, makeup , SYNTHESiZERS and electronic drum kits. What more could a growing boy need in a band? This was one of their first singles from the seminal Autumnal Park  album which everyone should have a listen to. I don’t think enough credit  has been given to these guys as I truly believe they were pioneers of electronic music in Australia and a bigger deal should be made of it. A “rock n roll” hall of fame exists and if there was one for Electronic music in Australia, I vote for these guys to be in it!!

    Admittedly, it did go a little wrong for these poor lads with the likes of “Funky Town” a few years later, but after speaking with Brian Canham about this (that is another blog post i promise) its easy to see how a record company trying to keep up with the Bon Jovi’s of this world could try turning a Synth group into a Big Hair Rock n roll band.

    More details on this release are posted in the link below….download link is where is says “listen”


    Pseudo Echo ‎– A Beat For You (1984) .

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