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    What’s it all about?? You’re asking me?? I really have no idea what it’s all about by I can tell you what I’m trying to do with this blog.

    I have been involved with music since my early teens and over the years I have been known to work and manage some of the best record stores in Australia ( RIP Central Station, DMC), I was a world touring DJ for about 10 years and a DJ since 84, a music artist, a remixer, an A & R person, a label manager, and lots of other music related jobs. It’s all I’ve ever been interested in and what ties all those varied roles together and brings me great pleasure is the SHARING of music. So this blog is just an extension of that sharing.

    I currently still DJ, work in music technology sales, and study IT security.

    There are certain guidelines I have set myself for this blog. Firstly, every music post will be accompanied by a 320 kpbs MP3 file or higher (WAV,AIFF,FLAC). The reason for this is so that If you DJ you can come here and know that anything you download will sound great on a big system. If a link to the posted file dies at any given time, then its gone. I will not be going back looking for or replacing broken download links so don’t bust my balls.

    There will only be extended mixes, 12″ mixes, remixes, re edits posted and the material will either have to be uploaded free by the artist, deleted and not commercially available CD singles and 12″ singles, or special not for commercial sale re edits remixes or mashups. When listing 12″ singles and CD singles  I will try to have artwork A and B sides with all mixes included. The music will be sourced from Soundcloud and other blogs mainly. At this stage,  nothing that is on this blog is being hosted by me or has been uploaded by me, so if there is something you own the rights to is on here, follow the links to whom ever has posted the file and bust their balls. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    At some point I will be uploading vinyl 12″ singles and CD singles from my own collection. I will make it very obvious when I do this so if there is something you own the rights to from this lot, and you would like it removed, please let me know and I will remove it.

    If you would like to be sent an email every time I post something on here, just subscribe with your email address on the home page. I promise never to spam you about stupid shit, or to sell your email to dodgy fuckers.

    Have fun here, tell your friends to drop in, enjoy the music and say hello in the comments below!!







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