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  • Deep cleaning your 12″ records with wood glue tutorial!!!

    February 7th, 2013adminvideo

    OK, so I was talking to this guy the other day, and he was telling me that he cleans his records with wood glue. I get home and try to verify this by consulting the oracle of  You Tube. Sure enough I find the above video and a few others. Im sure the old micro fibre would do the job in most cases but if you have some really filthy wax why not give this a try. Maybe have a practice run on a piece of crap from the Salvos first see how well it works…I think as long as you don’t use anything with a petroleum base it should be fine on your records….Anybody tried this yet?

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  • to keep ya hands clean … buy or make a flat edge applicator out of cardboard to appy the glue…

    NOTE 1:
    also make sure its PVA wood glue…
    the better the Quality glue is, the easier it will be to work with…
    and seal it properly after use ..
    (as it will thicken & go lumpy over time)

    NOTE 2:
    keep away from heat when applying glue
    then move to a mild room temperature to leave to dry….!

    this is the same method use in expensive record cleaning kits…

    save ya self money & be a Macgyver.. hehe


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